Suzanne Lafont. Nouvelles especes de compagnie. Roman

exhibition from november 9 to april 8 2019 ( to the Gallery)

The exhibition

Suzanne Lafont, born in 1949 in Nîmes, has developed a photographic style enriched with elements borrowed from theatre, cinema, performance and science. This exhibition is devoted to the presentation of work that Bordeaux Metropolitan Council commissioned from her as part of the Garonne Public Arts Commission that began in 2012. In this territory where Odilon Redon worked, Suzanne Lafont, inspired in turn by the relationship between art and botany, questions how plants grow in urban environments.

To create her work New Companions. Novel, the artist wandered around 11 municipalities that make up the metropolitan area through all the seasons of the year, following attractive street names at random. She picked small, non-domesticated plants from this urban environment, species that we tend to ignore and call “weeds”. She then selected specimens and photographed them in the studio. This series of images is displayed on the gallery walls with the regularity of a botanical classification. 

 photo S. Lafont.

In another series of photos, the range of colours has been reworked to produce a spellbinding luminescence. The light is dazzling, causing our vision to blur, like the disarray of the plant kingdom in our urban environment where Man has altered the atmosphere to produce an “unbreathable garden”. The images are accompanied by stage directions, which transform the plants and street names into fictional protagonists of a story that everyone is free to imagine if they wish. 

On the ground floor, as part of a carte blanche exhibition that echoes her work, Suzanne Lafont has staged a selection of works from the museum. In the basement, an area designed by the Visitor Services Department offers members of the public the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the basics of botany, to create plant chimeras and to dream. 

This project has been jointly produced with Bordeaux Metropolitan Council’s Outreach and Metropolitan Facilities Department. It was created in partnership with the Bordeaux Botanic Gardens and Bordeaux Metropolitan Council Parks and Gardens Department.

Normal rate €7, reduced rate €4. Entry to temporary exhibitions gives free access to the museum’s permanent collections.


Related to the exhibition 

Visitors’ activity area, gallery basement

The gallery basement has been especially designed as an activities area for all categories of visitor, young and not so young. Continue your visit in this luxuriant space, inspired by the work of Suzanne Lafont, and “have a go”! Try drawing your favourite plant – beautiful flower or “weed” – and hang the result on the wall of a giant participative herbarium.



affiche exposition Suzanne Lafont

affiche exposition Suzanne Lafont