The museum offers a variety of tours and activities based on its permanent collections and temporary exhibitions.
These activities give visitors the chance to learn about and appreciate the museum’s treasures, to raise public awareness for the arts and to arouse their curiosity and stimulate observation and imagination. 

Scheduled guided tours (1½ hour) (mostly in French – a few are in English) 

Permanent collections, museum:  Temporary exhibitions, Galerie des Beaux-Arts: 
Visit of the graphic arts department: 
Fee: entry fee + 1€. By reservation. 

Drawing course for adults (in French) 

An introduction to drawing for adults, both beginners and experts, lets you learn techniques (blending, squaring…) and to discover works via accurate study: it’s an opportunity to work with collection pieces.
Fee: 7€, reduced fee 5€. By reservation by calling 05 56 10 25 25. 

Sculpture course for adults (in French) 

Once every two months, we host a visit followed by a clay (modelling) workshop dealing with a specific theme. 
Fee: 7€, reduced fee 5€. By reservation by calling 05 56 10 25 25. 

Meeting of Minds with a professional (in French) 

On a Thursday or Wednesday every two months, the museum invites professionals from diverse fields (science, literature, medicine, philosophy, law, politics, art…) to lead a ground-breaking visit about a work, artist or specific theme. Fee: 6 € / reduced fee: 4 €. No reservation needed. 

Literary siesta (in French) 

A literary siesta with text readings, music and commentaries about art history lets you discover museum masterpieces. 
Fee: museum entry. No reservation needed. 
You can find all the dates here.  

Information and reservations : 

Public service department 
Tel: +33 (0)5 56 10 25 25