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Intellectual Property

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However, the use of photographic reproductions is possible under certain conditions: read information below.
The Museum’s Stock Photo service
The stock photo service sells and manages the photographic reproductions of museum works falling within the scope of the public domain (digital images, Ektachrome, slides, printouts). Any stock photo ordered is sent by the museum upon receipt of payment.
Terms of Use
The terms of use of images are subject to copyright (Intellectual Property Code) and to a royalty payable to the museum for use :
1 - Copyright
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2 – Authorization to Reproduce
A fee for providing images (digital, Ektachrome, slide, etc.) as well as a user fee are charged by the museum (see price list).
How to order prints:
1. Download the following document: Request form.pdf
2. Fill out the form above online and return at or by mail to Musée des Beaux-Arts, 20 cours d’Albret, F-33000 BORDEAUX.
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