The Museum’s stock photo service

To obtain a photographic reproduction of a work in the museum's collections or of an exhibition
The museum’s stock photo service sells and manages the photographic reproductions of the museum’s works. Any stock photo ordered is sent by the museum upon receipt of payment.

Terms of use

The terms of use of images are subject to copyright (Intellectual Property Code) and to a royalty payable to the museum for use:
1 – Copyright
This is the right, recognized by law, granted to artists. The duration of copyright extends up to 70 years over after the author’s death, after which time, the work enters the public domain. To reproduce a work subject to copyright (exhibition catalog, sales catalog, multimedia material, etc.) the user must obtain prior authorization from the author or rightful holder of the rights.
2 – Authorization to reproduce
A fee for providing images (digital, Ektachrome, slide, etc.) and a user fee are charged by the museum

Ordering prints

1 – Download the following document: Request form.
2 – Fill out and return the above on-line form at mba-doc-photo(at) or by mail to the Musée des Beaux-Arts,
20 cours d’Albret, F-33000 BORDEAUX.
Image illustrant la photothèque

La photothèque du musée ©Mairie de Bordeaux, cliché M. Crubilé