Details 3 by Franck Tallon

An installation for all in the public sphere

A new order

The Museum of Beaux-Arts of Bordeaux continues to order works from contemporary artists with a new project in the public sphere in collaboration with the designer and artist Franck Tallon. It follows Détails#1 and Détails#2 which, from 2017 to 2020, invited pedestrians in the City Hall garden to a kaleidoscopic visual stroll of “selected pieces” of museum works through an aerial theatre decoration which connects the two wings of the museum with a phantom third wing which was included in the original design of the building. 

A signal for the museum

Détails#3 will be presented on the outside facade of the museum, cours d’Albret, rue Elisée Reculs and rue Montbazon. It creates on stone fictitious windows to the works and showcases wings that, for many Bordeaux inhabitants, are simply an extension of the Rohan Palace in its political and administrative functions. 
Détails#3 thus functions as a veritable signal for the museum, literally displaying it. Comprised of portraits which gaze upon passers-by but which are only visible from certain points of view on the road, Détails#3 multiplies the perspectives by offering a taste of the visual delight promised by the museum.  

Franck Tallon 

Franck Tallon is a graphic artist and artistic director. For over 20 years he has developed in his workshop communication and design projects in the cultural and architectural fields and projects about the city and its evolution. Both locally and nationally, he maintains close ties to all the participants in the “city factory”: project construction, project design, intermediaries, promoters, artists, etc. He also develops projects involving corporate identities, publications, exhibitions, scenography, and involvement in the public sphere (percent for art, signage, site marking, heritage walks, etc.) We should also mention the France pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2008, decorations at TER Aquitaine, the institutional identity of Bordeaux University, the percent for art of Quintaou theatre in Anglet, the corporate identity of the Bordeaux Metropolitan Region bike share programme and the signage at the New Bordeaux Stadium.  
He is also the artistic director of Le Festin magazine, an associate artist at TnBA, and artistic director and co-founder of the free cultural newspaper Junkpage. Additionally, he was artistic director of the Bordeaux Urban Community from 2009 to 2015. 
Détails#3, Franck TALLON

Détails#3, Franck TALLON